Re: Donaldson, Tegmark and AGI

From: Russell Wallace (
Date: Sun Aug 13 2006 - 06:23:48 MDT

On 8/13/06, Michael Vassar <> wrote:
> Look Russell, we KNOW that there are superficial similarities between
> hard-takeoff singularity and the Judeo-Christian world-view (though NOT, I
> would add, that of many other religions). Sadly, your supposed negative
> sympathetic magic (a-la Television would be like magic, thus Television is
> impossible) doesn't actually work, so we have to keep believing in things
> that our physical causual model tells us to. You don't have to, and are
> free to leave. Really, if you dismiss hard take-off (which is, as stated
> earlier, very close to the definition of SL4 belief a context which is
> theoretically mandatory for posting here whether you accept it or not) as
> "in the same ballpark as the belief that you can summon demons by chanting
> phrases in Latin" you should leave, as it is grossly irrational of you to
> try to debate with people who believe something in that ballpark.

Just as well I wasn't under any illusions about how my views would be taken
:) But if we only ever talked to people who already agreed with us, we'd
never learn anything from it. Don't worry, I'm not going to make a weekly
sermon of this, but it's something I think needed to be said once.

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