Re: hive mind

From: Mike Dougherty (
Date: Tue Aug 01 2006 - 20:01:27 MDT

It would depend on how tightly woven the mesh was. As Joel suggested, the
likelihood of every developing the kind of inter-brain communication that we
have for in-brain/inter-neuron communication is pretty impractical. Even if
several uploaded human brain models were interested trying this experiment,
the amount of cpu needed to simulate every neuron connecting to every other
neuron would be immense. [something like O(probably-not-worthwhile) to use
an inexact qualitative measure]

I wonder what emergent thoughts arise in the global level of organization
from a relationship between neuron:brain::brain:global "hive" mind. It may
be that we're already part of a project like this, but we don't understand
it any better than a single neuron would understand the totality of brain it
occupies. Likewise the superstructure comprised of all sentient computation
has as little overall concern for each human as we might for a single
neuron. Forgive me if this sounds overly simplified (it is) - but I tend to
see a fractal nature in everything.

On 7/31/06, Tennessee Leeuwenburg <> wrote:
> With a proper link, such as an electrode mesh or similar direct contact
> with the brain, which is transmitted to another human brain, such that
> each 'human' grows and develops with the link constantly in existence,
> do you think it is possible that only one mind would exist, or do you
> think that human brains are so designed that even with such a link,
> there would be two minds?

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