Re: Google wins

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Mon Jul 31 2006 - 10:55:35 MDT

Google's data will be accessible to any AI anywhere, right? And
computer power can be built up pretty quickly by anyone with a lot of

Just as Google seemingly "arose out of nowhere", so could some other
organization, I reckon...

Google is certainly well-positioned, but it would seem their research
group is focused on text-processing-oriented narrow AI. The 64
million dollar question is whether they can successfully move toward
AGI in this manner (I doubt it)... or whether, alternately, they will
at some point start a genuine AGI research effort (who knows ... they
can certainly afford it, but it wouldn't match their business

-- Ben

On 7/31/06, Philip Goetz <> wrote:
> Google has two large, long-term projects underway:
> 1. Establishment of the world's most massive computing centers - this
> is odd, given that Google already has the best response time and most
> reliable websites in the world, and the amount of centralized
> computing power they are building does not seem necessary for indexing
> the web using anything like present means. Although I don't really
> know.
> 2. Scanning in and converting to computer-searchable files as many
> books as they can.
> When an AI is developed, Google will have the most computer power to
> run it on, and the largest collection of data to feed it with.

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