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Date: Mon Jul 31 2006 - 07:13:35 MDT

I am glad to see people have a good sense of humor!
  Samantha --
  Behind the rhetoric and between the rhetorical questions I asserted that, without an external problem set, intelligence would become irrelevant. So much so that it would necessitate the being to create recursively difficult novel internal problems to solve commiserate with it's intelligence. Unless there are infinite classes of external problems to solve (which I believe there are not), one infinitely transcendent being would, out of necessity, create constraints to vis own abilities in order to increase the difficulty of problems -- in order to have fun i.e. acknowledge something intimately meaningful about vis existence. I believe a dispersion of consciousness into self-organizing discrete frequencies of of energy into a holonic matrix would be one methodology to overcome the paradox of supreme intelligence -- "I know everything [useful] so what now?"
  I picture the phenomena as an accumulation, (where we are now), and then dispersion, (some omega point post singularity), of intelligence, conscience, etc. which leads to another metacycle of conscience aggregation and dispersion. It is a phenomena very similar to breathing.
  Eliezer --
  I have pure faith that you are capable of creating a being greater than any classically defined god. I have supreme hope we'll never need to turn it on. I have full expectation it would get bored with us very quickly and find more important things to do.
  In my incomplete philosophy, consciusness is continuously organizing itself into more refined modalities capable of recognizing itself with greater clarity. IMHO, the evolution of consciousness is simply a refining mechanism of this mind we organize within which it uses as a means to order and reorder itself through infinity.

  P.S. A mind capable of dispersion and self-reorganization of consciousness from discrete frequencies of energy into complex entities capable of self-recognition (like our universe) still wouldn't be G-d. Immortal--yes. Extremely powerful -- yes. Able to scare the bejesus out of mere mortals -- yes. Capable of satisfying every egotistical whim -- yes. But still not G-d.
  Have fun!
"Eliezer S. Yudkowsky" <> wrote:
  Samantha Atkins wrote:
> On Jul 26, 2006, at 2:38 PM, Joel Pitt wrote:
>> And about God - that is YPOV. If I had the power you speak of then I
>> don't think some mere mortal human is going to argue that I'm not a
>> God.
> Personally I find it distasteful and silly that tiny brained mortals
> are even quibbling about such.

I've yet to see a God described in any fashion that makes me want to
look up to it as worthy of admiration. Occasionally people accuse me of
wanting to build God, and I usually reply that I would never dream of
aiming so low; though I am but mortal, I think I can do better than *that*.

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