Re: ESSAY: Goal Preservation

From: Olie Lamb (
Date: Sun Jul 23 2006 - 07:56:26 MDT

OK, I've thought of another coupla areas where people try to have
something like goals as goals and the results are dismal:

"I will devote more time to excercise"; "I will focus more on my
health and less on satisfying my tummy"; "I will devote more attention
to (being more organised / my kids / my studies"

Again, I wouldn't expect that people would normally think of these
sorts of endeavours in terms of setting goals as goals, hence it's
tricky to judge how succesful humanpeople are at achieving goal-goals.
 These just serve as further anecdotes of how humans don't seem to
work a certain way, and therefore appear to do poorly when judged
against a criterion they weren't deliberately trying to satisfy. (Ask
a silly question and you get a silly answer).

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