Re: ESSAY: Goal Preservation

From: Richard Loosemore (
Date: Sun Jul 23 2006 - 07:39:39 MDT

Olie Lamb wrote:
> As I've said, it's pretty unusual to have a goal-goal, or to promise
> to have a set of goals. Far more common is the goal of pursuing an
> activity, promising to engage in an activity, or promising to deliver
> an outcome.
> I can think of only one example from my past: When I was fourteen, I
> made a mental note to myself that my fourteen-year old self would
> despise my older self if I: 1. Pursued an existence without an impact
> (that is, lived just coz I was living) 2. Cut
> my hair off without good reason (business conformity not being one,
> given that my whole reason for wanting long hair was ) 3. Liked the
> French for being French (culture envy is often stupid, and
> Francophilia is one of the more prevalent forms of culture envy).


The mutability of goals is something important, IMO, but I am not sure I
can make sense of your point in this essay. Maybe you lost sight of
your initial goal?

And besides, I love the French for being so ..... French. They got such
a darling culture!



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