Re: Hawking

From: Joshua Fox (
Date: Wed Jul 12 2006 - 11:54:36 MDT

> Singularitarians already have the conceptual endorsement of several of
> the smartest scientist polymaths not explicitly associated with the
> singularity. Obviously Feynman, with respect to MNT, but also Von
> Neumann with respect to self-replication and GAI.

Thanks, Michael. I have great respect for the opinions of those two, though
in addition it would be good to have a number of living endorsers, who can
engage in ongoing discourse.

If SIAI, or even the Singularitarian philosophy in general, could get a
strong endorsement from Hawking, Pinker, Dawkins, Dennett, Minsky, McCarthy,
any Nobel Prize winner in physics or other relevant areas, or just a line-up
of leading professors from top universities in a number of fields, it would
probably bring some supporters and donors on board.

In response to the
question<>"Why should
someone fund the Institute's AI work instead of other AI work?"
Eliezer gives an answer, but adds that "to appreciate this answer on its own
terms requires AI and cognitive science expertise." Most people do not have
this expertise and must rely on people they trust.


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