Re: Cold-War Disarmament Activism

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Date: Thu Jun 29 2006 - 12:22:37 MDT

At 05:31 PM 6/28/2006 +0300, Jousha wrote:


>2. Therefore, though I also admire and support those who work to avert
>Singularity disaster and to bring a Friendly Singularity, an
>uncertainty-weighted cost/benefit analysis based on this analogy suggests
>that one need not devote time and money to the Friendly Singularity, just
>as most people who supported human survival did not give resources to the
>disarmament movement.
>Anissimov warns (in "Who Cares About the Singularity?") against responding
>to the Singularity simply as a fact about the future, rather than as a
>call to action. Yet even Kurzweil has said (in The Singularity Is Near)
>that since we cannot know how to create Friendliness, we should focus on
>enhancing democracy, human rights, progress, and prosperity (good advice
>back during the Cold War, too), and hope for the best.
>Inaction based on this sort of uncertainly could be all too common, even
>among people whom the Singularitarian movement might want as supporters.
>How might Singularitarianism deal with this?

I have a number of thoughts on this subject, but they can't be discussed here.

If you want to repost on the extro-chat I will comment at lenght.

Keith Henson

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