FUN: The porn industry saves the world!

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This is the funniest thing I have seen in a long long time! And their
argumentation is pretty much right on the mark!

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Porn Industry Lawyer Predicts End of World

By (Wayne Nix and Byron Wilkes)

AVN Online :: Web Exclusive News: "

LOS ANGELES - Adult industry lawyer Greg Piccionelli has debuted, an audio-visual illustration that brings to stark
light, in Piccionelli's estimation, humanity's proposed descending track
toward self-annihilation as well as a means to stop needless obscenity
prosecution against legitimate adult industry businesspeople.

It's quite a powerful observation, made all the more dramatic by
Piccionelli's use of a timeline that trends downward, beginning in the
Stone Age and ending in the year 2025.

"The most salient point I am trying to make is to impress on people who
see it that the government in these frightening times should not be
wasting any resources prosecuting the legitimate adult entertainment
industry, that they should be directing the resources more wisely,"
Piccionelli told "I'm hoping that the Democrats pick up
on this because it is a measure of the Republican Party's incompetence
in governing that they waste precious resources in this manner."

Explaining the conceptualization and design of his site, the attorney
believes websites that include the material from will
be adding serious value based on its important issues.

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