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"Well, there's something you don't see every day..."

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> Porn Industry Lawyer Predicts End of World
> By waynenix@gmail.com (Wayne Nix and Byron Wilkes)
> AVN Online :: Web Exclusive News: "
> LOS ANGELES - Adult industry lawyer Greg Piccionelli has debuted
> DoomsdayCurve.com, an audio-visual illustration that brings to stark
> light, in Piccionelli's estimation, humanity's proposed descending
> track
> toward self-annihilation as well as a means to stop needless obscenity
> prosecution against legitimate adult industry businesspeople.
> It's quite a powerful observation, made all the more dramatic by
> Piccionelli's use of a timeline that trends downward, beginning in the
> Stone Age and ending in the year 2025.
> "The most salient point I am trying to make is to impress on people
> who
> see it that the government in these frightening times should not be
> wasting any resources prosecuting the legitimate adult entertainment
> industry, that they should be directing the resources more wisely,"
> Piccionelli told AVNOnline.com. "I'm hoping that the Democrats pick up
> on this because it is a measure of the Republican Party's incompetence
> in governing that they waste precious resources in this manner."
> Explaining the conceptualization and design of his site, the attorney
> believes websites that include the material from DoomsdayCurve.com
> will
> be adding serious value based on its important issues.
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