Re: Confidence in Friendly Singularity

From: Indriunas, Mindaugas (
Date: Sat Jun 10 2006 - 06:04:00 MDT

On 6/10/06, Michael Vassar <> wrote:
> Dear Indriunas.
> Have you read much of the SL4 archives OR any significant chunk of the
> recommended reading OR my recent request for reality checks by any lurkers
> who think they might have something to contribute?
> Are you aware that this was more or less Eliezer's belief 8 years ago before
> he recognized that it was totally unfounded?

Dear Michael,

Do you mean that Eliezer 8 years ago believed that it is correct to
set the goal to be "to understand everything", and then it recognized
that doing it has no logical basis?

How did that happen? (What were the arguments that made Eliezer
recognize it was totally unfounded?)


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