Re: Confidence in Friendly Singularity

From: Indriunas, Mindaugas (
Date: Fri Jun 09 2006 - 05:06:41 MDT

> The problem comes down to what we make the AI desire. Humans desire sex,
> food, truth, social standing, beauty, etc. An AI might desire none of these
> things (except most certainly truth), and yet still be capable of general,
> human level, adaptable intelligence. It wouldn't need any of the human
> instincts indiginous to our body (although probably will be some overlap
> with intuitional (i.e. creative) instincts).

I think if the intelligence would want only TO UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING,
it's morality will grow with the understanding acquired, and we won't
have a problem of morality at all. Trying to understand everything, it
will definitely at some point of awareness try to understand "What is
good and what is bad".


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