From: Thomas Buckner (
Date: Thu Jun 08 2006 - 04:56:49 MDT

--- Mitchell Howe <> wrote:
> I've been hesitant to snipe threads
> and people where I can't
> exactly put my finger on why exactly I don't
> the discussion is meeting
> SL4's nose-bleedingly high standard of
> excellence.
> I've been reassured by my commanding officer
> that I should not allow
> such reservations to keep my finger off the
> trigger. Indeed! Quality
> (capital 'Q') is a slippery beast, and if I
> could define it precisely I
> would be wearing less camo and more tweed.
> So if I decline to tag my kills on occasion,
> you can assume it was a
> Quality problem that I am unable or unwilling
> to cruft up the archives
> by trying to explain. This job is dirty enough
> as it is.
> --SL4 List Sniper

Very much agreed. I post rarely myself in large
part because it is seldom clear to me that
anything I can add will be nonobvious and
helpful, and consider myself fortunate that I can
add something nonobvious and helpful even rarely.

Tom Buckner

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