From: Mitchell Howe (
Date: Wed Jun 07 2006 - 20:10:03 MDT

Philip Goetz wrote:
> It would be helpful to the list, as well as a lot less high-handed, if
> killthreads gave some brief reason as to why the thread was being
> killed.
My understanding is that most readers, myself included, have wished for
more sniping rather than less. Sometimes my target selection cues are
obvious, as in cases of political, religious, or flamewar content.
Sometimes I'm cued in by my Spidey-Senses. The latter has posed a
problem, as I've been hesitant to snipe threads and people where I can't
exactly put my finger on why exactly I don't the discussion is meeting
SL4's nose-bleedingly high standard of excellence. After all, it could
be that I simply disagree with the argumentative trends, and am
subconsciously, Ouija-style, sliding the crosshairs according to my own

I've been reassured by my commanding officer that I should not allow
such reservations to keep my finger off the trigger. Indeed! Quality
(capital 'Q') is a slippery beast, and if I could define it precisely I
would be wearing less camo and more tweed.

So if I decline to tag my kills on occasion, you can assume it was a
Quality problem that I am unable or unwilling to cruft up the archives
by trying to explain. This job is dirty enough as it is.

--SL4 List Sniper

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