Re: Let's resolve it with a thought experiment

From: John K Clark (
Date: Wed Jun 07 2006 - 09:40:26 MDT

James MacAulay <>

> No, it's getting the signal from outside. If there weren't a radio station
> transmitting Beethoven, then the radio wouldn't be playing it.

My iPod needs no radio station to play Beethoven, but does it need a
Beethoven circuit? If a hyper intelligence that is capable of far more
complex behavior than a human can only feel rage if somebody writes a rage
program then my iPod must need a Beethoven circuit to play Beethoven. But my
iPod has no Beethoven circuit.

> recent posts on this list have expressed this point more eloquently than I
> can.

I have not read any posts on this subject that have shown any realism
morality or eloquence. I find that disappointing and disturbing.

Ricardo Barreira <>

> So you think that exploiting [..] someone who wants to exploit you is
> repulsive?

Everyone on this list has at one time or another exploited an animal that
was far less intelligent than they were, but exploiting a mind far far MORE
powerful than your own would be grotesque if it were possible. Fortunately
it is not.

> the brain in question doesn't have emotions but only intellectual
> reasoning - which is what you seem to ignore

I try to ignore nonsense.

 John K Clark

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