Re: Imposing ideas, eg: morality

From: Olie Lamb (
Date: Tue May 16 2006 - 19:37:20 MDT

On 5/16/06, Tennessee Leeuwenburg <> wrote:
> I propose that we take this the hell out of SL4 and into some
> philoso-ranting list.


Your 4 point summary of my post, though appropriate was a little off,
tho. Try this:

Olie: boggles at the proclaimed <strike>relativist</strike>
<strike>nihilist</strike> moral sceptic who says "Don't impose your
morality on anyone else, so I think that AGI should use _These_ rules"

> As you can see, this problem boils down to two things:
> (a) Debates about morality
> (b) Understanding AGI
> I suggest that (a) is not SL4 or easily solvable, and that (b) is what we
> should concern ourself with?

I do think that AGI should be our main concern.

But morality is relevant to Friendlyness, and discussions that /add/
to Friendlyness might be useful. This one aint.

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