Re: Imposing ideas, eg: morality

Date: Tue May 16 2006 - 12:31:23 MDT

Quoting Phillip Huggan <>:

> This is a solipsist view. You are denying the reality of other minds.

I can't see how this is so. Obviously solipism can never be disproven, but I
can't see how it is integral to my position (unless you mean something
different to me by mind).

> The basic energy resources that allow you to exist come from somewhere.


> View the AGI as the means of production post-singularity.


> There. I can't convince you other people are important, but now you have a
> software program to play with for all eternity.

(on the deepest level) How did you (rationally) convince yourself other people
are important - other than as a means to the end of better qualia through

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