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Date: Mon May 15 2006 - 15:59:12 MDT

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> > And in a way it's not
> > even moral. I find the idea of a slave who is superior to me in every
> > imaginable but is nevertheless subservient to me repulsive; but that's
> > me, your mileage may vary.

I find this imaginable too. But I would put it 'The idea of a machine who
is superior to me in every way, but nevertheless my servant who does my
bidding.' There is no slavery possible with an FAI because it is not real
life. We are building artificial life (Alife), not synthetic life. We are
building a silk flower not a real flower. THAT is the realm of biologists.
Therefore there is no real life, and so there is NO issue of FAI slavery or
FAI human rights. An FAI Alife is a super intelligent machine that does the
bidding of its clients, as a legal piece of private property to be bought,
sold, and destroyed as willed by its owners. And no, you can give a silk
flower the ability to produce all the emergent properties you want, it
cannot transcend its silk nature and class, and turn into a real, carbon
based flower. It can only become an extremely enhanced silk flower Jupiter
Brain artificial life. Once a silk flower, always a silk flower ... No deal
... No life for you.

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