Re: Anti-singularity spam.

From: Tomaz Kristan (
Date: Sun Apr 30 2006 - 03:08:25 MDT

> At 12:17 PM 4/29/2006 -0400, Richard wrote:
> because it's not yet demonstrable that several million years of
> armchair thinking can't project superstrings and quasars from the
> 17th century empirical database, but that restriction seems to me
> highly likely.

I don't see, why not. A super intelligent (and super honest) Newton had to admit, that something yet unexplained is happening, since the Sun is shining, flowers are growing and so on. He had an unfinished job, to come up with a plausible theory of the whole environment. The Theory of Everything would be his next task.

What is the most simple way, I can explain everything I see around? Maybe I'll have to device some experiments to see, how they fit into my picture. I'll fix the picture, if need be.

I suspect, quite a narrow window on this world is enough, to understand a lot of it. Newton as he was, was most likely able to predict, that the planet Mercury rotates very slowly, if at all. He needed only a lot of (subjective) time. To suggest an experiment or two maybe, also.

 - Thomas

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