Anti-singularity spam.

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Date: Thu Apr 13 2006 - 09:00:50 MDT

This appears to have been straight-up spam, and as such I'm doing a
Bad Thing by forwarding it, but it's obviously SL4 related, in as
much as we need to know our enemy. Or at least our loons.


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Subject: My new book about technology change was released today
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Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2006 01:20:00 -0700

Dear friends and associates,
I'm writing to tell you about my new book, "Future Hype: The Myths of
Technology Change," which is being released today. I've devoted most of my
time since leaving Microsoft eight years ago to the book's creation, so this
is an exciting moment for me.

A summary of the book is below, but here's the short version: The Internet
and PC are not that big a deal. Learn how technology change really works,
how it will impact us in the future, and how to be a smarter technology

I've already gotten some nice national press. It's in this week's US News
and World Report, an hour-long interview is in the queue for the New
Dimensions radio show, and it's a nominee for Fast Company's Book of the
Month for May.

Amazon has become a major component in a successful book launch, and I'm
anxious to get a high sales ranking. If this book sounds interesting to
you, I'd like you to consider not only buying it, but buying it TODAY. The
concentrated sales on a single day should boost it onto Amazon's bestseller

It's paperback, and the Amazon price is $10.37. Order here:

If this link doesn't work for you, go to and search for
"Future Hype."

And if I could beg one more favor, please forward this email to anyone who
is interested in technology and might also benefit from this book -- from
the early adopter with every gadget to the technophobe who still hasn't
bought a computer.

Much appreciated!

Bob Seidensticker

P. S. At one point or another, we exchanged an e-mail or more. That might
have been a while ago, so my apologies if this seems out of the blue!

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Conventional wisdom says that technology change is exponential, giving us an
ever-growing number of exciting new products. According to this view, we
live in an unprecedented golden age of technological expansion. But this is
not so. Today's achievements are not unprecedented. Technology change is not
exponential. The Next Big Thing is not inevitable. And the PC and Internet
are no more important than any major invention of the past.

We've been deceived about technology change. As a result, we ignore how
much it really costs. Future Hype explodes the myths, reveals the high and
often hidden costs, and shows how to be a smarter technology consumer. Only
by seeing technology correctly can we hope to use it correctly.

If you'd like to read more about the book, go to:

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