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Date: Sat Apr 01 2006 - 17:17:32 MST


The terrible, beautiful truth, is that we have no soul.



>From: "Aj Cann" <>
>Subject: Continuity of Conscious
>Date: Sat, 1 Apr 2006 17:31:00 -0500
>Perhaps this discussion has before been approached, in that case I
>apologize. This is my first contribution to this mailing list and if
>I've failed in anyway to meet the standards of your, quite
>informative, list please do not hesitate to call me out.
> The matter I bring up concerns itself with the concept of the
>upload, or rather continued existence of an individual in the absence
>of an original body, and of course a biological brain. Originally my
>worry with the issue was the much discussed argument that merely a
>copy of the individual's conscious would exist and that from the
>ego-centric perspective of the original they would no longer exist. Of
>course the copy would still believe itself to be the original
>conscious entity, or at least be aware that it felt it was.
> Now, hopefully I am not treading into the topic of something like
>the soul, but rather an issue of continuity of consciousness from an
>egoistic point of view. I'm aware that for all intents and purposes
>the upload would in fact be the original individual in temperament,
>experience and other individual traits, however this does not deflect
>the problem that as the original ego I will still cease to exist if my
>biological brain or body ceased to function, of course this is only
>from my ego's point of view.
> Finally, if there are no major issues with my logic above, though
>I no doubt will find that assertion incorrect shortly, I purpose a
>solution that would suit my own personal worries. As the human mind
>becomes augmented by technology to greater degrees and specifically to
>the point where some thought processes and cycles are offloaded to
>non-biological brain components, a directed effort to push ego into
>the realm of simulations and virtual existence can commence to the
>point where one feels at home in both the virtual and physical worlds
>as well as being able to shift focus between the two at will.
>Thanks for reading, sorry if it got to be a bit lengthy and comments
>would be much appreciated of course. -- Andrew Cann

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