Re: "Boy with Incredible Brain" CLARIFICATION

From: Richard Loosemore (
Date: Thu Mar 23 2006 - 13:46:59 MST

In my previous comment:

> P.S. You need look no further than the SL4 List for examples of people
> who, professing that they make judgements using normative reasoning of
> the highest order, are nevertheless able to produce, on occasion, the
> most asinine, emotive, prejudice-driven statements about subjects they
> know little about. I can say this only because I am privileged to be an
> expert, in a certain unnameable field, and have had deep theoretical and
> empirical experience in that field, so at the very least I know what I
> am talking about *there* .... and I have seen the aforementioned rubbish
> talked about that area, by people who claim to know better.

I meant to imply you can find SOME people ..... like one or two or
three, depending on who is still around.

The word "people" was being used in pretty much SINGULAR NEUTRAL sense:
  euphemism for person!

God forbid that anyone went for the worst interpretation of the above
comment and thought that I mean "people" as in "most of the people on
this list"!!!!

This is what I mean by being assumed to be writing angry comments:
someone might have to have their defaults set to Loosemore-Comments =
Always Angry Comments, in order to imagine I would say such a thing
about everyone, or most of the people, on this list.

I was talking about a small minority.

Richard Loosemore

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