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From: M T (
Date: Tue Mar 14 2006 - 03:21:04 MST

What's up Olive,

Never said it was a belief.
It is a substitute for belief, employing scewed logic
to make the universe feel comfee and cozee like it did
when we believed in gods.
I understand the reasons you explain for the SA's
creation and I bet you are right and I stand corrected
I sould have said that "it survives and is popular
because of people's denial of the simplicity and
pointlessness of existence".
I didn't mean to attack the cognitive functions of the
creator of the SA but he should be more responsible
with what he puts in peoples' heads and understand why
his argument is popular. That should have been my
point, I guess.

And no it doesn't matter to people wether they know
who created the "higher being" or not, in the same
sense that they never cared who created god(s).

Forget about it.

> Olive Lamb wrote:
> Hello Michael,
> On 3/11/06, M T <> wrote:
> > The SA is a substitute for religion.
> No it's not. Firstly, it's a different /type/ of
> thing: an argument, not a
> belief.
> The equivalent would be "Simulationism".
> Secondly ...
> > It creates a purpose and a higher being that
> provides
> > it.
> It would indicate a potential purpose for /our/
> lives, and higher beings
> than /us/. The Simulation Argument indicates
> nothing at all about a "top
> being" or a purpose to existence generally.
> A simulated being that we create can ask "who
> created me?" The correct
> answer would say nothing about the top layer of
> reality.
> > It could be possible, but is highly impropable,
> for
> > many reasons allready stated by others, and in my
> mind
> > because it arises from people's denial of the
> > simplicity and pointlessness of existance.
> Actually, no it doesn't "arise from people's denial
> of the simplicity and
> pointlessness of existance" (sic). It arose from a
> misapplication of
> probability theory, in thinking that it makes any
> sense to call one's
> consciousness "the Nth person to have existed" when
> consciousness doesn't
> work like that.

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