Re: ESSAY: Program length, Omega and Friendliness

From: Russell Wallace (
Date: Thu Feb 23 2006 - 10:05:01 MST

On 2/23/06, Randall Randall <> wrote:
> the absence of error correcting mechanisms being produced
> by natural selection.

No, that's with all the error correcting mechanisms. In fact, one set of
calculations showed that even after taking into account all error
correction, redundancy etc, humans should still have about half a dozen
effective mutations per generation, which means any people you might happen
to meet from time to time would be figments of a deranged imagination. (I
don't know whether that's been resolved yet, though I do remember a more
recent announcement that the number of genes in the human genome was smaller
than previously thought, which would help.)

- Russell

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