Re: Singularity Institute: Likely to win the race to build GAI?

From: Kaj Sotala (
Date: Wed Feb 15 2006 - 07:30:09 MST

>From dave last:
> I believe your questions are answered in the singinst web site.
> "Far less important projects get hundreds of millions of dollars and
> thousands of programmers. What is our substitute? Knowing exactly what
> doing. Having exceptional people on the team."
> "In the third category are tasks that can only be accomplished by someone
> capable of independently originating and extending AI theory. We will have
> to hope that all of these jobs can be done by one person, because one
> is all that we are likely to have. "

That's not an answer, it's advertising speak.

If I googled for a few minutes, I'm sure I could find a thousand
websites explaining how *they* are the only ones who are on track to
developing artificial intelligence, human cloning, a perpetual motion
machine, symbiosis with an alien race, or the path to finding the One
Right God. Pure advertising speak without some *real* arguments behind
it isn't and shouldn't be enough to convince me, however.

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