Re: Shamanism, faith healers and "plant wisdom"

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Date: Sun Feb 12 2006 - 12:35:20 MST

     My view has nothing to do with faith healing, but my version of the
singularity has a lot to do with spirituality and psychedelia, as well as
technology. We are talking about a *universally* important event, which
will lead to a spike of altered states of consciousness and higher states of
consciousness. Technology is only a means to this event. I take this very

     To say that it will happen in 2012 is speculation, but there is always
the possibility that it could happen then, as with any other date. There is
also a remote possiblity that some kind of religious event could happen on
that date, and there is also the remote possibility that the earth will
spontaneously explode tomorrow.

     I have felt (especially more recently) that a lot of past, present, and
future events and occurances happen for the Singularity. You can look at it
as the Singularity 'reaching out' to the past, beckoning the world to come
forward, or you can look at it as the Singularity existing in all times, and
not just the future. This is just another unfounded speculation, so I do
not try to persuade this idea onto others. After all, it isn't science. I
think this way because it is an interesting way to look at things, and there
is a bit of truth in this thought because we are moving closer to the
singularity and not backwards.

Mark Nuzzolilo

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> Is there really a sub-group within the singularitarians with this view?
> Shane Legg

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