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Date: Tue Feb 07 2006 - 09:08:11 MST

Russell Wallace wrote:
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> Russell Wallace wrote:
> > I don't think the Singularity is inevitable. In fact, I can think of
> three plausible scenarios in which it never happens, and there might be
> a fourth and fifth . . .
> What are those? The only ones I have seen in the literature are:
> - total catastrophe for human civilization
> - some unknown factor that puts limits on exponential progress for
> intelligence and technology.
> I'm not concerned about the second (known lower bounds should suffice,
> though not for a hard takeoff), but I would reckon the most likely
> variants of the first as:
> 1. De facto world government forms, with the result that progress goes
> the way of the Qeng Ho fleets. (The European Union is a disturbingly
> large step on this route.)
> 2. Continuing population crash renders progress unsustainable.
> (Continued progress from a technology base as complex as today's
> requires very large populations to be economically feasible.)
> 3. Future political crisis leading to large scale war with nuclear or
> other (e.g. biotech or nanotech) weapons of mass destruction results in
> a fast-forward version of 2.
> I don't know what will happen in the future, but I think there is at
> least a significant risk that some such event will occur before we reach
> the Singularity (which is why we need to hurry).
> - Russell


This is pure political baiting:

        World government is a threat?
        European Union is a potential threat?
        We need very large populations?
        Worried about weapons of mass destruction?

These sound like a catalog of neoconservative buzz-concepts.

I agree that the world faces serious problems that might sabotage a
beneficial Singularity. But your list looks like it is designed to
provoke a NO POLITICS! stomp-down by the list sniper. Because of that,
I'll only say that I totally disagree with your analysis.

Richard Loosemore

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