Re: AGI thoughts

From: Rick Geniale (
Date: Sat Feb 04 2006 - 09:04:45 MST

P K wrote:

> You haven't answered my last point. You claim to have a finished AGI
> right? How do you explain the fact that you are not doing the amazing
> things a person with an AGI can do?

Try to explain:

Is the concept of "finished" that is wrong.

1) PIBOT is not complete (we are currently working on it).
2) PIBOT don't know everything and cannot do everything.
3) We are implementing PIBOT general architecture right now.
4) We are working on learning strategies.
5) We are mainly working on natural language (for now).
6) We have said Turing Test by 2007 (but for us this is only a single
step in AI).
7) Turing Test is a thing (play with the stock market is a completely
different thing).
8) After complete, PIBOT should be trained to do things.
9) It will occour several time to train PIBOT on knowledge domains
(exactly like a human it will have to be assisted by experts of various
10) Nonetheless PIBOT is already a "singularity" (depending on how you
define this term).

Originaly I wrote:

>>> I am somewhat suspicious of AGI claims. The more advanced an AI is
>>> the less public proving it needs. A seed AI could recursively self
>>> improve, start the singularity ... trust me we would know. A
>>> superhuman AI that is a bit short of the Singularity (could happen)
>>> could at least make its owners millionaires, just let it play with
>>> the stock market. Even a slow AI could do some amazing things. At
>>> least it would be immune to human biases. There might be some areas
>>> where it could outperform humans. They would have investors chasing
>>> them not them having to prove themselves. When I think of some
>>> workshop format proving, what comes to mind is Eliza type AI. It
>>> looks smart at first glance but is inferior to humans in practically
>>> every way. I'm not trying to be rude, but the lack of a splash sort
>>> of indicates that there isn't that much to see.
> Sorry for quoting myself.
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