Re: AGI thoughts

From: P K (
Date: Sat Feb 04 2006 - 08:16:07 MST

You haven't answered my last point. You claim to have a finished AGI right?
How do you explain the fact that you are not doing the amazing things a
person with an AGI can do?

Originaly I wrote:
>>I am somewhat suspicious of AGI claims. The more advanced an AI is the
>>less public proving it needs. A seed AI could recursively self improve,
>>start the singularity ... trust me we would know. A superhuman AI that is
>>a bit short of the Singularity (could happen) could at least make its
>>owners millionaires, just let it play with the stock market. Even a slow
>>AI could do some amazing things. At least it would be immune to human
>>biases. There might be some areas where it could outperform humans. They
>>would have investors chasing them not them having to prove themselves.
>>When I think of some workshop format proving, what comes to mind is Eliza
>>type AI. It looks smart at first glance but is inferior to humans in
>>practically every way. I'm not trying to be rude, but the lack of a splash
>>sort of indicates that there isn't that much to see.
Sorry for quoting myself.

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