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Date: Mon Jan 30 2006 - 08:46:10 MST

At 03:59 PM 1/28/2006 -0700, Michael LaTorra wrote:
>A good source for the information you seek is wikipedia's "List of cognitive
>biases" ==

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> Chris Capel
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> > Is there any resources listing the main different types of human
> > failures of reason/perception, and examples of each that might really
> > give one a good sense of exactly how bad we are at forming accurate
> > impressions of certain things? Something that might instill a good
> > deal of humility in someone, and teach them why the methodology of
> > science is so important in mitigating these failings? Something
> > analogous to the huge listings of all the different informal logical
> > fallacies you find peppering the web?
> >
> > This post is what made me start wondering about this:
> >
> > -dont-use-reasoning/
> >
> > Chris Capel

Absolutely fascinating article! I will be using it as a reference since it
is evidence precisely on target as an expected consequence of a model I
have been working on for some time. In fact, what they did in the study is
closely aligned to something I suggested be done with fMRI.

However, I don't think a listing of the types of failures of reasoning in
humans is as useful an evolutionary psychology based model of why reasoning
in humans is damped down or shut off in some situations.

Since this model has been discussed on the list to the point the list
snippers shut it off, I feel the need to ask permission to bring it up
again. If they say no, perhaps they would suggest a related group or we
can take it to private email.

Keith Henson

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