Re: Misunderstanding?

From: Rick Geniale (
Date: Mon Jan 30 2006 - 07:15:42 MST


The fact that I don't answer your questions (or the question of someone
else) do not signify that I have not
an answer. It signify only that if I will reply to the first question,
then there will be another question, then another, then another, then
another, ..., then skepticsim, then another, ..., and so on (tending to
the infinite).
In this manner we can only loss our time. Only a live Presentation can
demonstrate (or not demonstrate) some
things. This is the only reason of my behavior. There are no others
reasons. If you want, you can find very general
terms in "PIBOT vs Turing Act III" on our site (if you are not convinced
after reading that writing, I don't know how to convince you). However,
other pubblications will follows from our part.

Rick Geniale

Richard Loosemore wrote:

> Rick,
> Nobody here is misunderstanding you.
> We have only asked you to talk in very general terms how you come to
> have built an AGI where nobody else has done so. Where nobody else
> even knows how to do so, yet.
> You do not answer.
> This indicates you do not have an answer.
> No misunderstanding.
> Richard Loosemore
> Rick Geniale wrote:
>> Dear Sirs,
>> In the last couple of days, we have deeply analyzed the scenario in
>> which we are and from almost every point of view. Also, we have
>> mainly deeply analyzed the reactions that our written communications
>> could have produced in the audience.
>> First of all, let us explain that there is a *very very big
>> misundertanding*, but this misunderstanding in not attributable to
>> us. We think that the main reason is the possible impact of our AGI
>> work in the AGI world.
>> Let us better explain our viewpoint.
>> The AGI world is not a world in which there are many financial
>> resources (you can read Ben Goerztel declarations about that).
>> For example, if someone ask to us "Why invest in AGI?", our response
>> is: "because AGI is a very positive invention".
>> When we said that "anybody today can practically demonstrate to
>> possess an AGI could worth ...", we don't speak of economic (or
>> financial) value, but we speak of a scientific value in perspective
>> and for all people (this is the only meaning, not others).
>> Therefore, if we meet a potential investor in any place (on the
>> train, on the beach, on the mountains, or anywhere), we could explain
>> to him that our AGI is only positive (there is no negative aspects in
>> our AGI).
>> Furthermore, we could explain to a potential investor that he should
>> not invest his time with machiavellians people (we are not
>> machiavellians) that are only negative people (this is an italian
>> "idiom" that demonstrate only our *high personal esteem* towards any
>> potential investor).
>> Regarding our strategy, we don't have affirmed in any place that we
>> want to necessarily build a supercompany (we are always been opened
>> to many solutions).
>> We hope that this explanation definitively clarify our intentions
>> once and for all.
>> Misunterstanding cannot persists forever.
>> Best Regards.
>> Rick Geniale Enterprises Corp.

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