Re: Identity and becoming a Great Old One

From: Michael (
Date: Fri Jan 27 2006 - 16:03:16 MST

> On 1/27/06, Michael <> wrote:
>> Another variety of thread veiw.
>> Is that the thread of consciousness, continues through all future
>> entities
>> that you have power over.
>> This is basicall;, you are (or you should have moral obligation to) all
>> the future entitys that you have power over.
>> So when copy of you is uploaded since you determined how it would be
>> you,
>> had power over it. An it is you.
> Okay; this would seem to be a version of the "immortality through one's
> works" view.

It could be seen as that, since our most important works are ourselves.

A better way of explaing it is; suppose we discard the idea of a broad
self. Then we have a phase-space of entitys lasting for mere instants
(possibly longer if it is static).
Then the real question becomes; why should one entity be loyal towards any
particular future entity?

Pragmaticism, the entitys which it has power over, are those through which
it can acheive it's goals(this is where I stretch it a bit).

> In the patternist veiw , could additive change be different than revisive
>> change, if you became a god by merely adding to your existing self -
>> then
>> would it be you?
> It might. For example, an entity that was me with added intelligence but
> preserving my core values, would have a better claim on being "still me"
> than an entity which differed in those core values.
> And russel would you veiw a static utopia, where you loop continuously
>> desirable?
> I wouldn't view a static utopia as desirable. Whether a continuous loop

Well I could use the word perfect or eternal utopia instead, if a pattern
is you, and surviving is good, then it follows that preserving the pattern
is desirable.

> could reasonably be called "static" depends on the length of the loop
> (consider for example a loop of length 2^N where N is the number of bits
> describing a particular mind state within some broad category).
> - Russell

I don't understand the maths, do you mean; the loop is larger than just
the mind, or that it grows as the mind grows.

Michael Clark

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