Re: Why invest in AGI?

From: H C (
Date: Sat Jan 21 2006 - 10:34:45 MST

I really wonder what Bill Gates is thinking. Apparently he is a fan of
Kurzweil and the idea of AGI in general. I wonder if Microsoft or Bill Gates
are funding any AGI research right now.


>From: Ben Goertzel <>
>Subject: Re: Why invest in AGI?
>Date: Sat, 21 Jan 2006 10:08:37 -0500
> > The bottom-line is that we might be talking about an uncommon beast,
> > younger than 45 year-old worth $13.3.M. My bet would be that a large
> > percentage of them would be Hollywood actors, sports figures, and other
> > entertainment types.
>Or -- more relevantly -- software types who cashed out during the
>dot-com boom ;-)
>ben g

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