Re: Dynamic ethics

From: Phillip Huggan (
Date: Sat Jan 21 2006 - 07:54:08 MST

    Kevin, Eliezer has done a good job of keeping this list non-political unless relevant to the topic. Funding and AGI goal-systems are two areas where sl4 political politics may be justified.
  I don't think you are talking politics here. Your concerns about child-abuse seem easily solvable by pre-singularity technologies. An RFID tag for infants will probably be implemented long before any AGIs emerge. There is little danger of infringement upon a toddler's freedom. There are a variety of other sensors that can be used to foil assaults and other harms that may befall a child (heart-rate monitors, sweat sensors, lie detectors). I'm sure whoever programs the AGI goal systems will realize child abuse is wrong, and AGI will enforce this almost immediately. I'm not so sure there will be an optimal tradeoff analysis when we consider attempting to harness some powerful and potentially dangerous energy sources. I would prefer an AGI to wait until humans themselves are ready to make such a decision.

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