Re: Why invest in AGI?

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Fri Jan 20 2006 - 10:59:31 MST


The key point about AGI investment is that, until someone has a
powerful AGI to show off, it is properly considered a long-term
speculative investment. There are not that many investors out there
these days who are interested in investments that require a lot of
speculative technology work to be done before the product-building and
money-making phase can begin in earnest. If an investor is interested
in this kind of opportunity in general, THEN one can try to talk to
them about why AGI is a good alternative to e.g. nanotech, life
extension, alternative energy, etc. But most investors simply are
only interested in lower-risk, shorter-term opportunities. So then,
it all comes down to having contacts with specific investors who are a
priori interested in investing in speculative futuristic technologies.

On the other hand, it is probably more viable to sell investors on a
combined AGI/narrow-AI business plan, *if* one has a solid story as to

a) how the initial narrow-AI phase can make money

b) how the narrow-AI work can naturally play a major role in leading
to the creation of AGI

This sort of business plan however hinges on the viability of the
business model for the initial narrow-AI phase.

-- Ben

On 1/20/06, H C <> wrote:
> I have really seen hardly any discussion or exposition directly related to
> the question of AGI investment, from a business standpoint (although I think
> the AGIRI forum is a step in the right direction).
> Say today is your lucky day, and you sat down next a millionaire businessman
> on the bus and he asked you "Why should I invest in AGI?".
> How would you respond? What makes a good response here? What are some major
> things you would bring up in your answer?

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