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From: Phillip Huggan (
Date: Thu Jan 19 2006 - 14:53:34 MST

AGI (or any other recursive physics learner) will make better weaponry than we will have, so given enough time it will be able to force whatever ethics it has in its goal systems. These goal systems are a blank slate derived from the intentions and acuity of the AGI programmers.
  MNT (or any other industrial von Neumann replicator) administration will likely be grafted from existing military power structures. These are all evolutionary. The ethics are limited to the utility and distribution of products.
  Evolutionary ethology occurs when a static population adapts optimally to a given environment. Ethics involves altering the environment to its state of highest efficiency so that the welfare of the dynamic population is maximized.
  Ethology is a (false) local maximum. Those hunting tigers should really be cracking open some chemistry textbooks. Those cigarette CFOs should really be questioning the utility of channeling economic and physical resources to their tabacco factories.

  Phil Goetz <> wrote:
  --- Phillip Huggan wrote:

> Evolutionary ethology is stuck within the confines of the system.
> Ethics is in theory able to improve the highest point of the system.
> With AGI, whatever the highest societal standard-of-living is
> permitted by physics; this should be doable. With MNT, hitting a
> high evolutionary ethology level is a more realistic target.

Why do you think these things?

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