Re: META: Re: SL4?

From: Russell Wallace (
Date: Thu Jan 19 2006 - 08:58:05 MST

On 1/19/06, Phil Goetz <> wrote:
> If the list were, instead of an email list, a bulletin board on a
> website, we could use free BB software to present it in a threaded
> manner.

Gmail does that with email.

Better yet, we would be able to rate posts, and we'd be able
> to filter out posts from people whose posts we don't want to see.
> (Yahoo, which I use, allows only about 20 filter total, so I can't use
> them to filter out individuals.)

I think Gmail solves that problem too (at least, if there's a limit on
filter count, I haven't come across it). Why not try it? I can send you an
invite if you want to give it a shot.

Web fora aren't viable for me because there are just far too many of them to
keep track of (and adding another one would merely worsen that problem); I
can't be the only one who finds that.

BTW, one problem with SL4 is that there are some people on it lately
> who aren't "with" the whole SL4 thing - people who don't believe
> consciousness is computational, for instance. Why do such people
> choose to be on SL4, anyway?

While signal/noise ratio isn't really a problem when you're using Gmail (I
know, I sound like a Google salesman, but it really is that good :)) I think
you're right about that. I mean, I used to enjoy a good flame war about
religion, operating systems or programming languages when I was a teenager,
but even at that age the entertainment was short-lived.

- Russell

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