Re: Introducing the AGIRI Forum [was Re: META: Re: SL4?]

From: sam kayley (
Date: Wed Jan 18 2006 - 20:46:32 MST

From: "Ben Goertzel" <>
> As has been pointed out, SingInst has a little-used forum site.
> AGIRI (AGI Research Institute) also has a new forum site, which we
> just put up last month, and which has gotten very little usage yet:
> I would like to invite all list members to sign up for the AGI Forum
> and carry out high-quality discussions of AI and Singularity related
> topics there. I'm not suggesting that forums should necessarily
> replace mailing list discussion, but at very least I think they can be
> a very appealing alternative/augmentation.
> I admit that using a forum is slightly more of a pain than using a
> mailing list. However, forums are more easily searchable, they're
> editable after the fact, and they are more cleanly organizable by
> topic. Overall my view is that they support a higher level of
> discussion. For instance, the forums at the website have
> definitely supported a more consistently high level of content than
> that on the SL4 list.

It seems to me if there is not enough on topic traffic, people will make up
for it with off topic traffic, or the forum will be abandoned. Looked at
this way, splitting an already small discussion group is a bad idea. Also,
potential new members may be willing to go to the bother of signing up to
one active forum, but not be willing to sign up to several barely live

That having been said, for those not aware of it, there is sometimes
interesting discussion on

discussion seed: In a NARS/novamente like system, is it practical to use
just one inference rule - analogy.

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