Re: Resistance to uploading

From: Phillip Huggan (
Date: Tue Jan 17 2006 - 22:32:46 MST

I have a cat. Maybe I should have it non-invasively brainscanned so its *information* can be preserved and I can *restore* its brain at a later date when it becomes technically possible to do so. Then I will shoot it in the face and leave it to bleed to death or starve to death. No harm done, right?
  The problem is that the consciousness in our brains is material. The physical books you destroyed are gone. Even if you have the information contained in them, the cellulose fibers are incinerated. The Matrix was just a movie. Implemented in real life, the signals from the Matrix to the brain would not actually feedback to the body and wound it (if you get nuked in the Matrix, your body does not melt anymore than it would be full of holes if you dreamed at night of being shot).
  Really people, this idea of uploading has got to stop. The "dumb" IQ 100 masses are right on this one, to be averse to suicide.

Phil Goetz <> wrote:
  For the past month I've been uploading... books.
I'm scanning my books into PDFs so that I can take
them with me everywhere. I have to destroy the
physical books to do this.

About half of the few people I've talked to about
this are vigorously opposed to the idea. They
insist that an electronic text can never be the
same as a paper one. They feel something like
horror when thinking of the books chopped up.

The fact that uploading BOOKS is still controversial
shows how far we have to go...

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