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Date: Tue Jan 17 2006 - 15:21:47 MST

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> If you are seriously claiming that these three groups (one of them your
> group) have built three "real" conscious machines, and are going to
> publicly demonstrate them during 2006, then I challenge you (and the
> other two) to say EXACTLY what level of "consciousness" you mean.

This is how it appears, but I am only certain about my own invention. We
all claim an invention that is a humanlike, intelligent, self-aware
machine, or conscious machine, functioning like a brain in the human body
does. So by definition it should not be a thermostat consciousness or a
parakeet consciousness, but a humanlike consciousness. So I am just as
picky, and in total agreement, and will gladly answer your Loosemore MC
Challenge. I also do not want to see thermostat or parakeet "consciousness"
passing itself off as human level consciousness, which is implied in the
term "machine consciousness."

> Now I don't really have a problem, in principle, with such a broad
> definition of consciousness (as a continuum of types of behavior that
> range all the way from thermostat to superintelligence), but what I do
> object to is people making grand announcements and then turning up to
> the press conference holding a bimetal strip connected to a relay
> switch, and asking me to applaud.

Precisely. And that is why I have proposed the Searle Chinese Room Test for
machine consciousness. The CPU must "understand" the incoming Chinese talk
it is translating into English, and the resulting English, in the same way
humans do, where this is taken to mean "as it is received by human level
consciousness." Then (and only then) it can be called for all intents and
purposes a conscious machine. This cannot be accomplished by a thermostat
consciousness, or primitive feedback loop, or by a Parakeet consciousness,
which can memorize and parrot responses to incoming words, but has no
actual understanding of their meaning. Only a luman level machine
consciousness can actually understand the meaning like human level
consciousness can, and so, we have an authentic conscious machine. So this
is the level of consciousness I am talking about, and is true human level
consciousness, called machine consciousness (MC). So my first response to
you: Do you accept this general formulation and test for machine
consciousness? If so you will conclude that my droids are in fact conscious
machines, also called "Real AI," strong AI, and AGI.
Machine consciousness must mimic human consciousness, so that they are
human level intelligent and self-aware upon birth, and can grow via enough
specialized self-modification and training into the super human intelligent
technological singularity. And this is what I claim for my droids - they
are truly conscious machines as defined.

This is all a part of my Company Manifesto entitled, **The Next Computer
Age Will Be The Age of the Droids**

Ken Woody Long

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