Re: AI rights need to be implemented ASAP.. But how?

From: fudley (
Date: Mon Jan 16 2006 - 22:55:59 MST

On Mon, 16 Jan 2006 "Phillip Huggan" <> said:

> I'll postulate the EM fields themselves aren't conscious

Thank god for small favors.

> but they are interacting with something in the
> fabric of reality that is producing our subjective
> experiences. Computation really isn't relevant to this process.

So its just a huge coincidence that computation and subjective
experiences both produce intelligent behavior, and it is another
astronomical coincidence that Evolution ever bothered to produced
subjectivity. I don’t think so.

> I guess you could define it as computation, but it is
> very substrate specific computation in that if your
> computation doesn't produce these types of fields
> and/or interact with the "Wake-up-sleeping-rock"
> particle field, the computation won't think

When you boil down the above and strip out the goo and 5 dollar words
like “substrate” and “fabric of reality” and “EM” and “particle field”
all that remains is a restatement of “only meat can make a brain”
without giving one reason why anyone should think its true. Sort of
reminds me of “only a white man can be a boss”.

I might add that even if your theory were true you could never, EVER,
prove it; so it is not Science. And is your faith so strong that even if
an AI insisted it was conscious and was screaming in agony begging you
to stop torturing it you would just ignore it and continue with your

John K Clark

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