Re: Singularity: A rock 'em, shock 'em ending soon?

Date: Mon Jan 16 2006 - 14:08:46 MST

After reading the conversation on sl4 and other forums, I contacted the two
chairman of the PIBOT company (Rick Geniale Enterprises) who were listed as
participants at the 2005 Accelerating Change conference at Stanford, and
requested a private presentation of PIBOT for my group. The response was
professional in nature, in sharp contrast to the website, and they were willing
to schedule a demonstration in early June, and suggested that an Italian
translator would be handy.

I was wondering if any members of this list were at the 2005 Acc. Change
conference and may have had the opportunity to meet or hear from Messrs.
Bertini and Melonaro about PIBOT. I'm highly skeptical, but if there in fact
is an Italian team willing to set up private demonstrations later this year,
followed by public conferences in Toulouse, Oslo, and Tokyo, then I'm willing to
keep an open mind and invite them to explain themselves in a clearer manner than
one finds on their website.

J.A. Docheff

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