Singularity: A rock 'em, shock 'em ending soon?

From: Marc Geddes (
Date: Sat Jan 14 2006 - 01:26:26 MST

This is all getting quite exciting if I may say so ;)

Some new company is again making big claims. They say
they've succeeded in creating the world's first true
AGI , which they call PIBOT, and that they're going to
unveil PIBOT to the world in a series of press
conferences starting at the end of this year. See:

Sounds like a hoax to me. I've read the stuff on the
web-site and hey, even I could write something more
plausible sounding and clever than that ;) I see no
evidence they've even got a rudimentary AGI theory.
Still, it all adds to the general fun I suppose.

My own top-down theory of metaphysics is finally
completed.  A far more coherent summary piece than
anything I've posted to SL4 can be found here:
Why did I waste so much time fiddling around with
philosophical hot-air on SL4 you may all ask? (3 years
I've been thinking about it now actually, and 95% of
everything I said was shit).  The answer is my belief
that if you don't get the fundamentals right you're
screwed from the start.  These are, I claim, the
correct fundamentals at long long last.  My theory has
9 'Universal Utilities', which I claim, form the
correct moral invariant that any working AGI has to be
built with - see the 'Table Of Universal Utilities'. 
The ideas as intended only as a very very rough
top-down strategy towards AGI.
Before I hear the inevitable howls and flames about
how useless philosophy is again, let me point out that
a very rough and fuzzy document which is correct (no
matter how crude it reads) 
is better than a million clever 1000-page technical
documents that are wrong ;)
Since my general top-down philosophical strategy is
completed at last, I am now moving to trying my hand
at design.
I've also finished the 'Singularitarian's Internet
Directory', my listing of what I judge to be the
top-100 web-sites relevant to AGI/Singularity stuff
from the perspective of those wanting hard science. 
The directory is divided into 4 main areas:
Reality Theory, Cognitive Science, Mathematics and
Info-Tech.  Here's the link:
"Till shade is gone, till water is gone, into the shadow with teeth bared, screaming defiance with the last breath, to spit in Sightblinder’s eye on the last day”
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