Re: Natural Boundaries of Exponential Grow

From: Christian Zielinski (
Date: Mon Jan 09 2006 - 13:13:22 MST

BillK wrote:

>>Therefore the technological progress has to slow down. Am I right?
>Only if you expect a Star Trek type civilization.
>Cowboys conquer the universe!
>Once nanotech and/or AI arrives I expect a 'do more with less' type
Yes, I had ideas in that direction too. Perhaps the only possibility to
avoid this scenario is to do more useful things (like computations)
with less energy. They have to use their energy more efficient.

>Survey probes to other star systems (if any) are likely to be
>microscopic AIs, with nanotech to start building when they get there.
>But a nanotech civ might not bother going to other star systems if
>there is nothing there that they need. You have to start guessing
>about the needs and objectives of a future 'beyond our wildest dreams'
Especially this kind of civilisations have a good reason to expand fast:
As it is easy
and very fast to convert any matter for their needs, they would in a
very short
time converted all what is possible to convert. After that, they only
could improve
their technology, but they had used all available ressources. If they
want to grow,
they had to expand. And I can't imagine why such a civilisation want to
limit their
rate of growth.

Christian Zielinski


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