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Date: Wed Jan 04 2006 - 10:06:28 MST

On Tue, 03 Jan 2006 "Damien Broderick" <> said:

> provide a list of the parapsychologists at the Rhine
> Institute, University of Edinburgh, University of
> Northampton, University of Amsterdam and other established
> centers of academic parapsychology who cite Robert Anton Wilson
> as an authority.

I know that a supporter of psi on this list used Robert Anton Wilson as
an authority, I have no idea if the man ever refereed a psi paper nor
did I say he did; but people with equal credibility do. People in the
tight little psi community referee each others papers but they very
rarely review something in Science or Nature, and regular contributors
to those journals almost never contribute to the psi journals. The psi
journals may regularly cite things in Science or Nature but it is NOT
reciprocated. Real science journals just don’t mention them.

I have another beef, most of the psi journals have some variation of
“psychic” in their name, and that strikes me as a huge conflict of
interest. It is simply not in their interests to discredit
parapsychology. Yes physics journals have some variation of “physics” in
their title but there is a very important difference, most of the
articles (none in fact) are trying to prove that physics exists.

I am unable to provide the list you requested for the reason below.

> Something tells me that you've never even *seen*
> a peer reviewed parapsychology journal

You are absolutely positively 100% correct, and until an article in one
of them is cited in a real science journal I never will. Life is short
and it is imposable to read everything so I need a reason to think the
information in those “journals” is more reliable and trustworthy than
what I see in the National Enquirer. I don’t have that reason.

John K Clark

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