Actually, Psycholgical Bulletin is a mainstream publication

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Date: Fri Dec 30 2005 - 08:36:36 MST

fudley wrote:
> Richard Loosemore wrote:
>>You can find these [papsycholgical] results in such journals as:
>>International Journal of Parapsychology
>>Psychological Bulletin
>>European Journal of Parapsychology
>>Journal of Parapsychology
>>Journal of the Society for Psychical Research
>>Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research
> Well those are splendid sounding names, they have neat sounding words
> like “international” and “European” and “Journal” in them, I realty like
> the way they roll off the tongue, they sound very intelligent, highbrow,
> brainy, upper class, high IQ, downright spiffy; but why didn’t all those
> amazingly brilliant new Einsteins publish their remarkable discoveries
> in Nature or Science? Why do almost none of the authors of the articles
> in those “Journals” also write in mainstream respectable Science
> publications?
> In truth the “journals” you mentioned above are indeed excellent,
> excellent for lining the bottom of your bird cage with.
> John K Clark

Psychological Bulletin is a journal of the American Psychological
Association, (APA) the world's premier publisher of scientific research
in the field of psychology. The complete list of APA journals is:

     * American Psychologist
     * American Journal of Orthopsychiatry
     * Behavioral Neuroscience
     * Clinician's Research Digest
     * Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research
     * Contemporary Psychology: APA Review of Books
     * Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology
     * Developmental Psychology
     * Dreaming
     * Emotion
     * European Psychologist
     * Experimental & Clinical Psychopharmacology
     * Families, Systems, & Health
     * Group Dynamics: Theory, Research, and Practice
     * Health Psychology
     * History of Psychology
     * International Journal of Stress Management
     * Journal of Abnormal Psychology
     * Journal of Applied Psychology
     * Journal of Comparative Psychology
     * Journal of Consulting & Clinical Psychology
     * Journal of Counseling Psychology
     * Journal of Educational Psychology
     * Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Behavior Processes
     * Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied
     * Journal of Experimental Psychology: General
     * Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance
     * Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition
     * Journal of Family Psychology
     * Journal of Occupational Health Psychology
     * Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
     * Journal of Psychotherapy Integration
     * Neuropsychology
     * Prevention & Treatment
     * Professional Psychology: Research and Practice
     * Psychoanalytic Psychology
     * Psychological Abstracts
     * Psychological Assessment
     * Psychological Bulletin
     * Psychological Methods
     * Psychological Review
     * Psychological Services
     * Psychology and Aging
     * Psychology of Addictive Behaviors
     * Psychology of Men and Masculinity
     * Psychology, Public Policy, and Law
     * Psychotherapy: Theory, Research, Practice, Training
     * Rehabilitation Psychology
     * Review of General Psychology

I think this answers your main question.

The answer to your other question, about why parapsychologists do not
publish more often in other journals, is (a) For the same reason that
particle physicists do not normally publish in the Warwickshire
Pig-Breeders' Gazette, and (b) Because of nonscientific bigotry of the
sort your so vividly displaying.


Richard Loosemore

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