Re: Reading the Entire SL4 Archive [WAS: Re: Not the only way to build an AI]

From: Russell Wallace (
Date: Fri Dec 16 2005 - 22:44:04 MST

On 12/17/05, Richard Loosemore <> wrote:
> Myself, think I would rather be thrown into the Total Perspective
> Vortex, than have to read that lot.

I read the whole lot - or at least, I read the entire title list, and the
body of those messages that looked interesting (which was an unusually large
percentage of them). I'd recommend anyone seriously interested in these
issues to do likewise.

It did feel like I was being thrown into the Total Perspective Vortex,
though that wasn't just because of the messages, but also because of stuff
I'd been figuring out for myself at the time.

- Russell

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