Reading the Entire SL4 Archive [WAS: Re: Not the only way to build an AI]

From: Richard Loosemore (
Date: Fri Dec 16 2005 - 20:03:47 MST

Michael Vassar wrote:

> I don't agree that reading the complete archives before contributing is
> an unreasonable standard. I did just that, and the site explicitly asks
> people to, or at least used to do so. However, it's an unattained
> standard. If people were just asked to read the SL4 wiki there might be
> more compliance.

Could I just do a reality check with you here? :-)

When I joined (July 2005) there were 11,725 messages on SL4, and I would
guess they averaged about 200 words each (maybe someone can analyse the
archive and tell if my guess is wide of the mark).

That would be about 2,300,000 words. 8-)

So that is like reading ten seriously heavy books.

Ten seriously heavy books filled with occasional nuggets of wisdom,
buried in dense thickets of naive mistakes, drivel, invective,
non-sequiteurs ...

Myself, think I would rather be thrown into the Total Perspective
Vortex, than have to read that lot.

Richard Loosemore

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