Re: Hardcore SL4 Technology

From: Thomas Buckner (
Date: Sun Dec 11 2005 - 07:15:10 MST

--- H C <> wrote:

> Given sufficient nanotechnological development
> and,
> Given sufficient computational capacity
> (probably like a galaxy-brain or
> something ridiculous)
> If a whole Earth simulator were created that
> modeled the entire Earth at the
> molecular level, in principle perhaps it is
> possible to literally run the
> simulation in reverse, thus essentially
> recreating history (in a very
> literal sense).
> What do you guys think?

Doesn't work, because there are multiple possible
past paths as well as multiple possible future
paths (i.e. although the set of paths that could
create the exact configuration we see is limited,
it is greater than one, especially in the finer
details). Also, accuracy could not be checked: if
we 'rewind' back to some arbitrary point, then
check our work by going forward again, the
likelihood of arriving at the same present is
near nil. Quantum effects, as others point out,
will weigh in.

Tom Buckner

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