RE: 10x?! (was guaranteeing Friendlyness)

From: Herb Martin (HerbM@LearnQuick.Com)
Date: Mon Dec 05 2005 - 11:00:11 MST

> From: Ben Goertzel
> I am almost certain that a human-level self-modifying AGI could be
> created with a few thousand machines right now, and I think it might
> be possible to get by with a few hundred if one paid enough attention
> to optimization. Based on these (admittedly rough) estimates, a
> tenfold increase in computer power would bring human-level AGI into
> the domain of relatively easy affordability.
> -- Ben G

What sort of progress have you already made on
"programming a programmer"?

Please tell us anything you are able (and willing)
to offer....

Herb Martin

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